When You See Where These Beagle Pups Were Rescued From? You'll Cry

When You See Where These Beagle Pups Were Rescued From? You'll Cry

When you think about testing laboratories, the one thing that pops in your mind is beagle pups and chimps. These poor animals can’t speak for themselves, but justice is always served. Take a look.

For a minute here let’s think we’re all beagle pups. One fine morning, we opened our eyes and we saw our mommy licking us, bathing us, and we learned how to play with siblings. But we were all caged. Although we couldn’t run yet, baby steps is how we started out. We saw our first ball, we were intrigued, but we couldn’t play. We were still caged. We had our first treat, tasty. Then we had our first injection. Painful.

Imagine the life of these poor pups who live their entire lives in cages. No sunshine, no snow, no balls to play with, no sleeping in and belly rubs, no nothing. It’s the kind of life a murderer lives in isolated cells. But these murderers are at least convicted of something, what about these beagle pups?

Over 150 beagle pups were rescued by the Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA), from a testing lab in Southern India and now they’re all up for adoption, ready to go home and live the life they were meant to live. If you think one of these beagles would make a great addition to your family (and you’re willing to be a patient owner!), check out the adoption form here. Now pass the tissues, please. Take a look at this video and don’t forget to SHARE, people.

Feature Image Source: BlackPepper Studio

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