When You See Why This Dachshund Pup Is Facing The Door...OMG!

When You See Why This Dachshund Pup Is Facing The Door...OMG!

Jimmy the dachshund and his siblings are all facing the door right now and when you find out why, you’re going to laugh! You might even relate to this hilarious moment 🙂 Can you guess why they’re facing the door?

So Jimmy and his siblings were fast asleep on the sofa while their daddy was watching the TV. Suddenly and out of nowhere, there’s a car horn and all the fur balls wake up! Now here’s the thing – the car horn came from the TV and there was no one outside, but these pups started barking and faced the door to see who’s coming! But have you ever wondered why your fur balls bark at a car horn or a doorbell?

According to TheNest, “Your dog just wants you to know that there is a stranger trying to gain access to the home. Sometimes a dog’s barking is his way of telling you that the new activity such as the ringing of the doorbell is frightening to them. The ringing of the doorbell is often associated with the unknown. What is waiting on the other side? Is it something that might be dangerous to the family? The protective nature of dogs often makes them express concern for their human companions.”

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Alarm System Failure

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