Who’s That Peeking Through The Blinds?

Who’s That Peeking Through The Blinds?

You can’t tell Tootsie Roll had a tough life by looking at her. After nearly two years, she has transformed into this fun-loving jovial dog, who makes her family laugh.

She was found abandoned in the woods and had a hard time coming out of her shell at first She had trust issues and was extremely introverted. But, with a little TLC from her mom Emily and the rest of the family, she fit right in.

Tootsie loves doing two things more than anything. One, she has a habit of chewing on stuff, and there’s no stopping her. Two, she loves the outdoors and enjoys watching from her window and running about the place. She even tore down the curtains from her favorite window, just so she could have a better view!

One day, when the family went out and left Tootsie at home, they left the blinds down instead of the curtain. Wanting to see outside, Tootsie decided to take a little peek, but instead of looking between the blinds, she made a hole in them!

Emily could not believe her eyes when she got home. Looking at her from inside the house was Tootsie through the hole she had chewed through, quite proudly. In fact, she started barking up a storm as if to say, “Mommy, mommy, come look what I made!”

At first, Emily was annoyed her blinds got destroyed, but when she realized how happy it made Tootsie, she lightened up. She even let it stay that way and didn’t bother with replacing them. If Tootsie loves her hole, she can keep it. If only she’d share it with her two sisters who are equally impressed!

Images Source: Emily Dini

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