Why Do Dogs Drag Their Butts On The Floor?

Most of us are familiar with seeing a dog, if not ours, dragging their butt along the floor. It is not something uncommon to see and can be because of a number of things.

We do often hear that it means a dog has worms, but this is not always the case! Here are the top four reasons behind but dragging, commonly referred to as scooting:

  • Anal gland issues: a dog has two sacs that form their anal gland situated at their butt area. In some breeds of dogs, this gland can become impacted or inflamed. When this happens, they experience a significant amount of irritation in the area and may drag their butts along the floor to ease the irritation. These glands can be emptied at a groomer or vet, and you can learn to do it yourself too.
  • Tapeworms: if a dog is infected with tapeworms you may notice butt dragging. This is because of the way tapeworms infest the intestine of your canine companion and exit through their butts, causing irritation in the area.
  • Excess poop: excess fecal matter around your four-legged friend’s butt may cause him to scoot. This is usually to get rid of the poop that is stuck in the area. It is important to keep that area clear, as matted hair and poop can make it difficult for your doting dog to poop in the future, leading to a range of other problems!
  • Allergies: if your pup is allergic to a certain substance or food, they may show it through scooting. This can include allergies to medication, mold, smoke, fleas, and even food. If your dog has allergies but you are unsure what is causing them, take them to their vet to get checked out!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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