Why Do Dogs Like Chewing On Sticks When They Have Fun Toys?!

Why Do Dogs Like Chewing On Sticks When They Have Fun Toys?!

Have you ever realized that even if your house is filled with dog toys and fun things for your pets to enjoy, they always tend to gravitate towards sticks, rocks, or any other outdoor items?

We are sure you’re all wondering what the appeal of simple items such as these are when there are plenty of other nicer options to choose from. Some doctors are saying that dogs chew sticks because it’s simply fun and the smells attract them. Apparently, sticks have a scent that dogs like, which leads them to chew on sticks of all kinds.

According to some vets, sticks are like the equivalent of social media for dogs and that sniffing or chewing sticks is great for their emotional health. Even though many dogs love to chew these random toys, there are some things about them that dog parents need to watch out for. Sometimes, chewing sticks could hurt your dogs, especially if they are sharp and splintery.

In some cases, these sharp ends can get stuck in your puppy’s gums or even get swallowed. Additionally, if your dogs are running with a stick in their mouth, countless things could happen. As long as your dogs are chewing on or playing with sticks that look ideal, then let them be. If you don’t want to risk your dog’s health and wellness, then there are a few things you can do.

Some doctors recommended that if your dog is chewing on a stick to redirect them to another toy. By carrying a treat or chew toy with you at all times when you are with your dog, will bring the attention away from the stick. Of course, this can also be avoided by simple training as well.

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