Why Do Dogs Refuse To Eat Food, Even If Their Favorite Treat Is Being Offered?

Why Do Dogs Refuse To Eat Food, Even If Their Favorite Treat Is Being Offered?

Dogs love food, so a dog refusing to eat can be concerning. Here are 9 reasons this may be happening.

Spoiled Food

Thanks to their strong noses, dogs are able to easily tell if food isn’t fresh enough.

Dental or Oral Pain

Loose teeth, abscesses, ulcers, sores, and other issues can cause enough pain to prevent a dog from eating.


Older dogs may be less interested in food.


Some vaccinations make dogs sick for a short while, during which they may not want to eat. Sometimes, vet visit stress can also make a dog refuse to eat.


Some dogs can just be very picky about food. If you’re trying a new food brand or added something new to their meal, they may not want to eat it. You can entice them with broth, eggs, or chicken.


Heat can cause dogs to lose interest in food due to lethargy, exhaustion, and dehydration. Make sure they have access to fresh water at all times!

Stomach Pain

Your dog may be dealing with indigestion, stomach discomfort, or the aftereffects of eating something he shouldn’t have. This can cause them to not want to eat. Look out for signs of poisoning or toxicity.


A wide range of underlying illnesses can lead to refusal to eat. Look out for severe symptoms and bring your dog to a vet if you suspect a serious issue.

Unfamiliar Surroundings

A dog who is around someone they don’t trust, or who is in a new environment, may feel anxious and lose their appetite.

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