Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Ears So Much?

Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Ears So Much?

Dogs scratch themselves everywhere, often just because of basic, non-serious irritants or a random itch.

But sometimes, your dog starts scratching excessively in certain areas, leaving you wondering what could be the problem. This type of repetitive, constant scratching can often point to a more serious problem.

What does it mean if your dog won’t stop scratching their ears? Many people see their dogs do this regularly, but in excess or in high frequency, it can point to an infection. Ear infections are extremely common in dogs and, in fact, are the most common issue vets are seen for.

Dogs are prone to these infections thanks to their ear canals, which are very long and L-shaped. This structure makes dirt and moisture get trapped inside quite easily. Swimming and bathing can leave a lot of water in their ears, and just playing around or living their everyday lives can get dirt or dust trapped, too. You need to clean their ears often to prevent infection!

If your dog is scratching their ears a lot, has ear discharge, shakes their head more than usual, or emanates a strange odor from their ears, they likely have an ear infection and need to be seen by a vet! While you’re there, talk to your vet about preventing this from happening again!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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