Why Does My Dog Hate To Be Brushed?

Why Does My Dog Hate To Be Brushed?

Does your dog run away whenever you brush their fur? Do they hide the second they see the brush? Here’s how to fix it.

Before you carry on, make extra sure that your dog dislikes brushing out of fear or anxiety, and not something else.

Some dogs may dislike being brushed due to pain from an underlying physical condition. They may have an infection of the ear or eye, joint pain or inflammation, or other sources of discomfort. It’s a good idea to bring your dog to a vet first to make sure the issue is not from a different source.

A painful brush may also cause a dog to become uncomfortable or feel pain. Try using a soft detangling brush that is flexible, or a detangling product designed for dogs, or even both. You should also be brushing gently and not yanking at knots – try soft, small strokes instead of hard, quick ones, even if it takes longer.

Now that you’ve ruled out these issues, you can work on making the experience of brushing fun. Start by introducing your dog to the brush first. Place the brush around when your dog is having a good time, let them investigate the brush, and give them treats for interacting non-negatively with the brush.

Slowly and gradually, start holding the brush in your hand and let your dog approach. Don’t force them to interact with it in excess – only as much as they are comfortable with. Reward each non-negative interaction.

Finally, start actually brushing your dog. Start with only a few seconds of brushing, again rewarding your dog generously, and gradually increase the frequency and length of brushing. Take your time and be patient.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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