Why Does My Dog Stare And Drool When I Eat? How Can I Make Them Stop?

Why Does My Dog Stare And Drool When I Eat? How Can I Make Them Stop?

What’s the first thing that happens when you see and smell delicious food? Your mouth begins to water, isn’t it? The same goes for our dogs – when they smell food they begin drooling! Your dog stares at you hoping that he’ll get to taste whatever it is that’s making them drool.

Apparently, dogs remember everything – from the time you offer them table scrap to the time that they ate food that accidentally dropped on the floor. These two situations fuel your dog to stare and drool when you eat food. First and foremost check to see if there is no medical condition that is causing your dog to not have an appetite or preventing him from digesting his food.

Maybe he’s drooling and staring while you eat because he isn’t getting enough food? Only a vet can determine this. So now that you know why dogs drool and stare at you while you eat, is there a way to stop this behavior? Here are some things you could do to stop your dog from drooling and staring at you:

  1. Feed your dog at the same time you eat food so that they’re busy eating while you eat too.
  2. Start using food puzzles to keep your dog occupied. Food puzzles also help channel your dog’s mental and physical energy.
  3. Give your dog a chew toy or some puzzles to occupy him while you eat.
  4. Tell someone that you and your dog trusts, to take your them out for a walk so you can finish eating.

Remember that your dog isn’t drooling to bother you, it’s just natural thing that happens to humans too!

Does your dog drool and stare at you while you eat? How do you handle the situation? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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