Why Does Your Dog Whine OR Cry All The Time For No Apparent Reason?

Why Does Your Dog Whine OR Cry All The Time For No Apparent Reason?

Is your dog whining or crying all the time for no discernible reason that you can see?

Here are 7 possible explanations.

1. Submission

A frightened dog may whine if they perceive you or someone (or something) else as a threat. If you punish your dog often, this could be leading to anxiety and causing them to try to appease you with submission.

2. Mental Health

A dog can develop neurological or mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, OCD, anxiety, dementia, and more. Speak to a vet if you think this is the case.

3. Fear

A dog who is afraid of sleeping alone may whine and cry. Since dogs are pack animals, it makes sense that some would be afraid of solo snoozing.

4. Medical Problems

Dogs who are in pain will often whine or cry due to discomfort. It’s a good idea to bring your dog to the vet in case this is the problem.

5. Insecurity

A dog who has been abused may lack confidence and be constantly frightened, causing them to cry and whine in fear.

6. Excitement

A very excited dog who just can’t contain their happiness may whine and cry as they jump around. This is especially true for dogs who have a lot of energy!

7. Temperature

Dogs need totally different temperatures than humans do. They might be too cold or hot, causing them to whine in discomfort.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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