Why People Are Still Laying Treats And Toys At This Dog’s Feet

Why People Are Still Laying Treats And Toys At This Dog’s Feet

Sallie Ann Jarret is one of the most popular Staffordshire terriers in the world. She served in the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment for the majority of her life and has a bronze statue erected in her honor at Gettysburg National Military Park.

There, it lays peacefully overlooking the battlefield she fought at over 150 years ago. Sallie Ann stumbled across the 11th Pennsylvania on an active campaign in the fall of 1862. She became their official mascot after basically following them around as they marched and offering them comfort in the harsh conditions of war. She would also bark at women, rebels, and Democrats. She was a devoted mascot and would bark at the enemy after the end of the firing.

Unfortunately, she was lost at the Battle of Gettysburg during a chaotic retreat. After a grueling 3-day battle, the men returned to claim their dead, and there they found Sally, guarding their bodies.

A weak Sallie continued to march and was killed at the Battle of Hatcher’s Run in February 1865. She was buried by the soldiers in spite of the heavy Confederate fire as an ode to her devotion.

When the time came to figure out the design of the monument, the veterans wanted to place a likeness of Sallie with her name inscribed. Unfortunately, the park would not approve of the inscription and the dog on the statue is a particle secret.

Today, visitors to the park pay tribute to Sallie by covering her monument with dog treats, toys, sticks, and even coins. This monument not only represents Sallie but also other loyal dogs whose stories are not as popular.

Images Source: Wikimedia

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