Why You Need to Reconsider Playing Tug-Of-War Games with Your Dog

Why You Need to Reconsider Playing Tug-Of-War Games with Your Dog

There’s no pup that that doesn’t enjoy a lively game of tug-of-war. It gets them all goofy and excited. But sadly, facts show that rope toys can cause a great deal of harm to a dog.

Dr. Clarissa B Lyon a veterinarian at Larklain Mobile Veterinarian Service in Pennsylvania discourages rope toys:

‘’We do not recommend rope toys, as we have concern that the strands of rope or string may be ingested and act as a linear foreign body in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract,”

What this means is that a long string can get stuck in your dog’s GI tract, causing an obstruction of the intestines. Even worse, the string can saw through the intestines resulting in serious internal injury.

What are the Symptoms of Foreign Body Ingestion?

You can tell that your dog is in trouble when he experiences stomach pain, throws up, and loses his appetite. This calls for urgent medical attention and your dog may need surgery.

Are there Alternative Toys?

There are great tug-of-war toys out there that are not made of rope. Dr. Lyon suggests sourcing toys made out of stiff rubber that you can bend with your hands. This is an indication that they are safe and will not harm your dog’s teeth. Avoid toys made of hard material, as they could fracture your pup’s teeth or cause oral injuries.

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