Why Your Dog Places Their Paw On You?

Why Your Dog Places Their Paw On You?

Ever wondered why your dog often puts their paws on you? According to Dr. Mary Burch, Ph.D., a certified applied animal behaviorist and AKC's Director of the Family Dog, it is a canine communication sign that "doesn't always mean the same thing" each time they do it.

Some common reasons why your dog may place their paws on you include:

They want food

Many dog parents respond to pawing by giving their dog treats or leftovers from the table. Such a response unintentionally encourages their dogs to do it whenever they are hungry or what something to eat.

They want attention

Pawing could signify that your dog wants attention or needs to go outside for a potty break. Usually, your dog would try other things such as barking, wagging their tail, or placing their toy on your lap if pawing fails to get the desired reaction.

They are anxious

Your dog may express anxiety by placing their paw on you. Other signs accompanying the behavior include heavy breathing, a low tail, or uneasiness.

They want to comfort you

Our dogs can sense when we're going through a difficult period and may try to comfort us by pawing at us.

Paying extra attention to your dog can help you figure out why they are pawing at you and strengthen your bond with them.

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