Why Your Puppy Needs A Playdate And How To Supervise Them

Why Your Puppy Needs A Playdate And How To Supervise Them

Puppy playdates are one of the most exciting parts of puppyhood. Chasing, wrestling, and playing with the right friends can build a long-lasting positive attitude in pups, even if it’s only half an hour a couple of times a week.

While playdates are good, and you should organize them for your pups, bear in mind that it is your responsibility to make it a delightful experience.

When having a puppy playdate, the most important rule is that there is no off-duty. Certainly, you would get some time to yourself later when you get home, and your dog takes a tired nap. However, all your attention must be on your dog on the playdate. As soon as you arrive at the playground, help your dog socialize with other dogs, then step back and observe from the sides.

Doggy play can be intense and sometimes scary. If you get uncomfortable with the kind of play, your dog is engaged in, gently separate them and allow them to regroup. Also, watch your dogs’ body language to know whether they are enjoying themselves or they want to go home. If the latter is the case, call it a day and take them home.

If you are wondering how long a playdate should last, we recommend at least 20 minutes. If you have plenty of time to spare, you could let them play for as long as they want until they give you a sign that it’s time to leave.

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