Why Your Pups Chew And How You Can Help Them

Why Your Pups Chew And How You Can Help Them

Have you noticed that puppies and adolescent dogs love to chew? Usually, it happens when you give them an item they are not familiar with. You will see them lie down and try to chew it.

If you’ve ever wondered why they do that, there are two main reasons:

  1. It’s their way of getting familiar with things since they can’t pick them up with their hands.
  2. It’s their way of relieving the sensation they feel in their gums due to their pointy teeth.

Some people might also add that since they were carnivores before they evolved, they get back in touch with their former selves. Whatever the case may be, they enjoy chewing, and you should assist them in getting the most out of the experience.

Typically, the items of their obsession may be hard or soft. Some dogs prefer plastic, some wood, some leather, and some trees. Since they all do not have a particular preference, we recommend you buy various acceptable chewing items and let them explore. Naturally, they will chew more on the item they love most. Then you can purchase more of that texture.

If you wonder what’s the safest chew item, you can get for your pup, the simple answer is that it depends on their jaw strength and whether you would be around to supervise. Remember that nothing is safe; however, it is your responsibility to find something they cannot quickly destroy and swallow.

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