Wild Sloth And Beagle Form Inseparable Friendship

Wild Sloth And Beagle Form Inseparable Friendship

A wild sloth and a beagle are now best friends after forming an unusual bond. The dog’s parents, Juan Carlos and Haydee, had rescued the wild sloth after he was electrocuted on a power line.

They knew he wouldn’t have survived on his own, so they decided to help him and give him a better fighting chance.

The couple took the wild sloth, later named Chuwie, to a veterinarian for medical attention. Although Chuwie sustained severe burns, the couple learned that he could survive with treatment. So, they decided to follow the vet’s treatment plan.

While Chuwie was resting and recovering, the couple’s dog, Seven, took an interest in him and started hanging around him all the time.

At first, Chuwie wasn’t sure about Seven’s interest in hanging out with him, but soon he warmed up. Seven was able to establish the friendship due to his persistence. He would often bring his toys to Chuwie and offer him cuddles and hugs.

Once Chuwie learned to trust Seven, nothing could separate them. Now, they do virtually everything together.

Chuwie lost many of his claws in the electrocution, so he can’t fend for himself in the wild again. Juan and Haydee decided to keep him and allow his friendship with Seven to continue thriving.

Image Credit: YouTube

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