Woman Abandons Dog At Airport After Failing To Bring Paperwork

Woman Abandons Dog At Airport After Failing To Bring Paperwork

As most people know, if you want to fly with an animal, you need to have the correct papers. But a woman traveling from Tampa International Airport didn’t have the right papers for her elderly, abused dog, so she decided to just leave him right there in the airport.

It’s safe to say that a lot of weird and sometimes illegal stuff takes place in airports, but according to Charlie Vazquez, the airport’s Police Chief, this was so bad that they had never seen anything like it before. This incident shocked the airport staff to the core.

Vazquez says that the woman had shown up at the airport without vaccination papers for her dog, and when she was asked about them, she said she would make other arrangements. But she actually meant she would just drop the dog’s leash and board her flight as if nothing had happened.

Fortunately, the staff loves animals, and they called VIP Rescue to come to the dog’s aid. The rescuers noticed he had been abused prior to being abandoned. His fur was matted, and he had an ear infection. According to his microchip, his name is Bama, and he is 14 years old. One of the rescuers, Corin Smith, stepped up and is now in the process of adopting Bama.

Still, he thinks the woman who abandoned him should be prosecuted for her actions, and Chief Vazquez agrees. Fortunately, the state attorney will press charges against the woman. Ultimately, this horrible event led to a happy ending for Bama, who will be spending his last years in a safe and loving home.

Image Credit: Twitter

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