Woman At The Beach Comes Across A Dog Who Won't Stop Staring At The Sea

Woman At The Beach Comes Across A Dog Who Won't Stop Staring At The Sea

When Jolie Mejia went to the beach with her family, no one expected to see the true meaning of love. It was there that they met a dog all by himself walking along the shore.

At first, they thought he might’ve been abandoned. However, the scarf on the neck and the clean fur were telling a different story.

They sat with him for a while, waiting for his mom or dad, but as time went by, no one showed up. The pup continued enjoying the pets and Mejia noticed that his eyes were constantly looking toward the sea. Not long after, she found the heart-melting reason why.

While the family sat there with the dog, they thought about taking him home themselves, in case he was truly left behind. However, a passerby shined a light on the story of this pup.

It turned out that this dog, whose name is Vaguito, basically belonged to everyone on the beach. Everyone knew him, fed him, and gave him their love. Before that, however, the dog had a fisherman dad.

Unfortunately, he had passed away not too long before, so Vaguito kept coming to the beach, faithfully waiting for him to come back home. Mejia and her family were very touched by the story they heard. And while their hearts went out to the pup who had lost his dad, they knew, that he had friends to take care of him and love him.

Eventually, Mejia’s family had to leave. Vaguito was still there, his eyes focused on the sea, telling his heartbreaking story of love and loyalty. Mejia shared that this story tugged on a string in her heart since she has a pup at home.

Image Credit: Jolie Mejía

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