Woman At Walmart Parking Lot Gets Handed A One-Eared Puppy By A Stranger

Woman At Walmart Parking Lot Gets Handed A One-Eared Puppy By A Stranger

Sarah Pimental didn’t think much of it when she spotted a man standing outside of his car in a parking lot of a Walmart in Fort Myers, Florida. But then he asked if she, or anyone she knew, would want a puppy, and she had to raise an eyebrow.

At first, Pimental thought the man was pulling her leg, but he reached into his car and showed her a puppy with one ear. Being a huge animal lover, Pimental knew she had to help. If this man gave the puppy to the wrong person, it could be robbed of a good, peaceful, happy life. To ensure the puppy’s safety, she agreed to take the puppy.

Pimental named the puppy Chance. He was surprisingly happy and joyful, despite being taken into a random stranger’s car. He was extremely friendly and excitable and couldn’t stop giving her kisses and running around wreaking havoc – as puppies do – all over her car.

Chance was taken to a vet, and he didn’t have a microchip in or any medical conditions. Aside from his missing ear, and the fact that he was in need of a bath, he was totally healthy.

Pimental took it upon herself to look online on local lost pet pages and other similar places. After finding no family that was missing a one-eared pup, she decided to rehome the puppy so he could have the life and love he deserves.

Chance was given to Pimental’s neighbors. Those neighbors have two other pups and some kids, and they’re very much enjoying their new furry family member!

It’s a good thing that Pimental decided to do what she did, even in such a bizarre situation, because Chance now has a forever home!

Images & Feature Image Source: Sarah Pimentel

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