Woman Drops Sick Pup At Groomers, Then Never Returns To Take Him Back Home

Woman Drops Sick Pup At Groomers, Then Never Returns To Take Him Back Home

When a red-haired woman wearing an eyepatch walked into The Secret Garden Pet Resort, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, staff could immediately tell that the senior bulldog pup she brought in was in pain. She signed him in with her name and number, listed the dog’s name as William Katz, and left.

The pup showed signs of being kept in a crate for too long, with pressure sores all over his body. He also had ear, skin, and eye infections. Groomers did their best to give him a great grooming experience, and after the 3-hour appointment, they waited for the woman who brought him in to pick him up. But she never showed.


The poor pup spent the night at the groomers’, and staff could not contact the woman. Eventually, they had to call animal control. It was revealed that the woman had used a fake name and given a fake number to the groomers. Even the vet papers provided to the groomers had been entirely forged. The MSPCA’s investigators are now working hard to find who this woman could be.

The woman who did this was middle-aged, wore an eyepatch on her right eye, and had red hair. If you have information on who she could be, please contact the law enforcement line at the MSPCA at 800 628 5808, toll-free.

The Secret Garden Pet Resort

Meanwhile, the poor pup spent a good while at the resort. He was given his own bed and a T-shirt for comfort along with blankets and some AC. The pup slowly came out of his shell and loved the pampering and attention he was getting! Before long, staff were won over by him entirely. He’s not a big fan of exercise, but staff were able to get him going with some fun, and he does like to explore and say hello to other people and animals!


After seven days, William Katz said goodbye to his groomer friends and was moved to the Long Island Bulldog Rescue. He’s undergoing treatment and awaiting surgery for the health issues he has, and getting plenty of TLC!

The Secret Garden Pet Resort

If you’d like to adopt the pup, you can reach out to the rescue here.

Feature Image Source: MSPCA

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