Woman Finds Her Senior Dog Befriending A Stray Cat!

Woman Finds Her Senior Dog Befriending A Stray Cat!

The long-held idea that cats and dogs don’t get along has some truth to it, however, it’s not an unchangeable natural law.

Their disharmony really boils down to their histories and ways of communication, but once they overcome these barriers, dogs and cats can kindle endearing friendships with one another. Cheeky is a 14-year-old dog who, according to her mom, has never met a cat she could never befriend.

Liz Heck is Cheeky’s mom, she often takes in stray kittens or leaves food out on her front porch for homeless animals. On one occasion, a stray cat paid a visit to Heck’s front porch for the free food but ended up exploring the rest of the yard.

Heck recognized the cat as it was a frequent visitor, however, its trips to and from the free food soon turned into trips up onto her roof. The cat was first spotted by Heck’s wife when she and Cheeky left the house for some time outdoors.

The two made instant contact, with the cat scratching Cheeky on the nose out of fear. Although this wasn’t the most savoury interaction, Heck and her wife figured that the cat was in need of a safe place to stay.

The couple gradually introduced their senior pup to the cat to let her know that she shouldn’t feel threatened. Cheeky ended up exceeding their expectations just a few days later. The cat who was named Sushi stayed in the backyard or porch as she enjoyed having her own space.

One day when Heck came to check on her she found her and Cheeky snuggling under the sun and enjoying each other’s company. To Heck Cheeky had worked her magic again, now Sushi often joins the family indoors for quality time with her pup pal.

Image Credit: Liz Heck

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