Woman Hears Cries For Help, Then Finds A Tiny Puppy Tied To A Tree

Woman Hears Cries For Help, Then Finds A Tiny Puppy Tied To A Tree

Jessica Clayborn lives next to several acres of swampland, so she’s pretty used to hearing noises from all the surrounding wildlife. But then, one Tuesday, as she was hanging her laundry outside, she heard tiny, desperate whines and knew this was something different.

Clayborn made her way through the swamp around her and followed the sounds. She finally came upon a little black and tan puppy tied to a tree on a small area of dry land among the knee-deep mud. The puppy was so terrified that he was tugging painfully against his ropes. Clayborn waded over to him and freed the little pup with her pocket knife.

The puppy – later named Nash – was suffering from bugs all over his fur and ears that had likely caused the ear canal damage that left him deaf. He had a deep cut in his neck from pulling at the rope and had chemical burns on his tail and ears. It was a good thing Clayborn found little Nash, as coyotes and bobcats who live in the area might have closed in on him.

Clayborn helped to bath two-month-old Nash gently, and the puppy was so grateful to have been found. She took Nash to the SPCA of Wake County, and he was then transferred to the Care First Animal Hospital to be treated. Soon after, Nash was placed with a foster family.

Now, Nash is recovering in his temporary home and is doing a lot better than before. He’s a sweet, calm, and mellow puppy in personality and is relaxing with his foster family.

He currently has an adoption pending and may just meet his family very soon, so it won’t be long till he has a forever home!

Images & Feature Image Source: SPCA of Wake County

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