Woman Left Heartbroken After Seeing Terrified Pup Trapped In Tar - Makes Sure He Gets Rescued

Woman Left Heartbroken After Seeing Terrified Pup Trapped In Tar - Makes Sure He Gets Rescued

Workers were surprised when they heard the repeated, non-stop barking of a pup from a wooded area near Suwałki, Poland. They thought it sounded like a dog calling out for help, so they decided to track the sound of that voice.

It wasn’t long before the workers spotted the source of all the commotion – a poor pup, trapped in a tar puddle that was so sticky that it prevented him from moving. He was stuck, and panicking. It is likely that the pup was abandoned, and, seeking some warmth, thought that the dark tar, dumped illegally, would be perfect to protect him from the cold.

Unfortunately, the workers couldn’t get him out by themselves, so they reached out to the Niczyje Animal Foundation’s Joanna Godlewska. Godlewska was horrified and brought to tears when she saw the pup. Who knows how long he had been there? What was obvious was that he was fading and that he wouldn’t survive that much longer.

The local fire department sent a team over, and together, everyone worked to try and feed him. The nervous pup slowly began to come alive, as though hope was reignited inside him. He seemed to know that they were going to help.

It took a while for all the tar-plagued spots of fur to be cut off, and cooking oil had to be used to help the pup break free. But all that hard work paid off, and the pup was finally broken free. He was then hurried to a nearby vet clinic, where extensive scrubbing was needed to fully remove the remaining tar.

Luckily, the pup was mostly fine. He had some minor facial injuries, but nothing serious. He then had to deal with a few more cleaning sessions, but he doesn’t mind – in fact, he’s become more spirited and revealed his fun personality more with every clean!

Now, the pup has a name: Farcik. He’s currently recovering and surrounded by love, and when he’s well enough, Godlewska will be adopting him!

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Feature Image Source: Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje

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