This Woman Was In For A Shock When The Pet Groomers Changed The Look Of Her German Shepherd

This Woman Was In For A Shock When The Pet Groomers Changed The Look Of Her German Shepherd

This woman wasn’t expecting this when she left her adorable German shepherd with the groomers. What did you do?

She left her German shepherd to be groomed, but she cried and couldn’t believe what she saw. Where is her German shepherd? The groomers actually shaved off all the poor fur ball’s fur to the point that he was shivering. Snieguole Ghuman was terrified to see what they did to her German shepherd, who was in turn quite depressed without his fur.

Snieguole’s daughter, Brigita Pritchett, 28, said, “My mum had taken him in two weeks previously and asked for a wash and brush to sort his coat out. He can get very matted as his fur is so thick and he loves going in the sea and mud which can make it like it.”

“Then the next thing she knew was there was an RSPCA officer knocking on her door and the salon owner had reported her. My mum arranged to bring him back there and get it sorted, but when she went to pick him up all his fur had completely gone. The problem areas were just his belly and slightly on his legs, so I couldn’t understand why they needed to shave him completely.”

“He is a very sensitive dog and my mum said you could tell he didn’t like it, people then started pointing and staring at him as they walked home and he is now very depressed. Now she is forced to walk him at night because of all the looks they are getting.”

On the flip side, “Gemma Barnett, owner of the Starz Grooming Salon in Bournemouth, Dorset,explained that Simba had been so matted she had no choice but to call them, and shave it all off.”

She goes on to say, that “Simba was so matted she had no choice but to clip his fur to the short length, as less severe blades would only get stuck in the thick coat.

‘Simba had been in twice before I called the RSPCA, and I had said to the owner both times that he needed to be clipped as his fur was so matted.

‘She then agreed to come in for a clip. I tried to use a different blade but it wouldn’t go through his fur, so I used a shorter one.

‘The only reason it looks so short is because it’s a white dog, on a black dog it wouldn’t look so bad. I had to remove as much fur as I did because it was that badly matted.

‘His skin was blood red because the knots were pulling it so badly, I do what is best for the dog and their welfare and happiness.’

‘A spokesperson for the RSPCA confirmed that they had received a complaint and are investigating the issue.”

So it sounds like this is a complicated matter. The groomer says she expressed the situation to the shepherd’s owner and reported her to the RSPCA, but the owner is upset with the groomer for the clipping.

See The Photos Of The Dog In Question Here. You Won’t Believe This.

This is definitely something you need to keep in mind. Clear instructions before you allow a groomer to groom your pet. Also, keep up with regular grooming to prevent matting. Otherwise this could happen. Please SHARE this post with everyone you know.

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