Woman Wanted To Pet Neighbor's Dog So She Leaves Them A Note!

Woman Wanted To Pet Neighbor's Dog So She Leaves Them A Note!

There are two types of people. Those that just walk up to your dog and start petting them and those that ask your permission first. Sarah is the latter. However, she had to go to the extreme because the dog’s parents were never with the dog when she wanted to pet her.

Okay, let’s rewind a bit. Everyday Sarah wakes up to go to work and every day Sarah encounters this adorable pup that seems to be calling out to be petted. The dog lives with her parents next to Sarah’s office but the parents are always in the house when Sarah passes by. Since she couldn’t pet the dog, she started throwing random compliments at her whenever she passed through the yard.

“I started telling her she was a pretty girl, and soon she started sticking her nose through the fence and wagging her tail, but I never wanted to intrude on her space,” Sarah says. However, on this particular day, Sarah was having a stressful day and decided to take a walk to cool off. Guess what she sees immediately she gets out of her hospital building? The dog’s sweet face staring at her excitedly. She couldn’t take it any longer. So, she went back to the office and printed a sign.

“Can I pet your dog. She seems like such a good girl,” the sign read in part.

And then she had to wait until the next morning when she would get her reply. Her efforts were not fruitless. “OF COURSE! Her name is Sparrow and she is a good girl,” the dog’s parent replied to her delight.

Now, Sarah never misses the chance to pet Sparrow in the morning or any other time that she finds her in the yard.

“Sometimes she will even put her paws on the fence to get a hug,” Elkins said.

Images Source: Sarah Elkins

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