Worried Mom Searching For Her Pup Finds Her In The Most Obvious Place!

Worried Mom Searching For Her Pup Finds Her In The Most Obvious Place!

Not knowing where your furry friend is can be one of the worst feelings ever. And looking for them is certainly a difficult task. You tend to panic, get frazzled and the worst part is, you can’t stop thinking “what if they’re in danger?”.

This is exactly the situation that Melissa Lundstrom found herself in one day. As she made her way around the house, she noticed one of her two dogs casually hanging out on a cozy rug. The other dog wasn’t there, and she soon realized that she has no idea where Mixie was.

She called for Mixie a few times, but no success. At that moment, she panicked. She looked everywhere, searched the whole house, every nook and cranny, but she found nothing. Mixie was nowhere to be found. After an hour of running around the house, Melissa made her way back to the rug. She was hoping that maybe her other dog with help. That he would somehow lead her to Mixie. And actually, she was not wrong about believing that.

Turns out, all Melissa needed to do is search the obvious places and take a closer look at the rug. If she had done that, she would have noticed that Mixie was safe and sound, her shaggy fur blending in perfectly with the black fuzzy rug. Not only was she safe, but she was so comfortable that she didn’t bother answering her mother’s calls, instead deciding to keep lying around with her brother.

@melissa.lundstromCrusty dog..”Mixie”🤣💗

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Though Melissa was a little annoyed when she figured out where Mixie was, she was also relieved and happy to see her. Now, if Mixie goes missing again, Melissa will know exactly where to look for her.

Image Credit: Melissa Lundstrom

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