You Wouldn't Believe How This Adorable Bulldog Reacts When It's Bath Time!

You Wouldn't Believe How This Adorable Bulldog Reacts When It's Bath Time!

Dogs are always ready to pounce when they know its bath time. Most dogs I have come across hate getting wet with water, but not this bulldog! This bulldog will warm your heart like butter in a microwave!

After seeing a few videos, I came to realize that not all dogs hate bath time, but mine does and she gives me a lot of trouble! While some dogs happily get in their water tubs for a nice bath, other dogs, like mine for example, puts up a good fight. For this bulldog, bath time is not a time for a nervous breakdown, it’s a time for relaxation and peace!

For this bulldog, the hardest part is not about water and wetness, it’s about finding a good way into the tub! This bulldog will leave you speechless especially when he’s trying to get inside the tub full of water! One of the comments from the video said, “How on earth did you manage to get him to go in all by himself!? I have to lift my dog into the bath because she hates it! Please could you give me some advice? 🙂 Your dog is so cute to!” It’s true! you will probably wonder the same thing when you see this!

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Check out this adorable enthusiastic bather in the video below! If you are anything like me, you will be wondering how you can get your dog to do this! If you liked this video, don’t forget to Like and Share it with your friends 🙂

Feature Image Source: ErnieMiami

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