Yes, Dogs Can Predict The Weather, But Not In The Way You Think!

Yes, Dogs Can Predict The Weather, But Not In The Way You Think!

At this point, you have already heard countless stories about dogs doing supernatural things. Extending your life, knowing when you are about to get ill, reading your mind, and also predicting natural disasters.

Is it true? Can your dog predict the weather? Apparently, yes. But not in the way you think. They can’t communicate with the gods of the weather. They may know when a storm is about to hit, but that’s just because of their heightened sense of everything. Dogs are estimated to have a 10,000 to 100,000 times better sense of smell than humans. They also have better hearing and better vision.

So, if you saw your dog sit up, perk her ears and then run for cover even before you knew there was a storm coming, then it’s probably because they heard rumbles that were far off. Or they smelled it in the air. You know that rich, earthy smell that accompanies rain. Your dog can catch a whiff of it moments before you do.

Every element of nature brings with it a particular change in the atmosphere. When lightning strikes, it ionizes the air resulting in a recognizable metallic scent. Your dog can catch that from a distance. And probably because of the survival instincts they inherited from their wild ancestors, they will start pacing around or run to hide.

Animals are highly tuned into any changes beyond those natural fluctuations, which can signal significant shifts in the weather. These variations can trigger an animal’s survival mechanism. The animals’ instinctive reaction is to seek shelter in the face of potentially violent weather.” says Sandeep Archaya in his journal, Presage Biology: Lessons from nature in weather forecasting. At that point, you’d do good to try and calm your dog. Make them feel safe.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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