This Yogurt-Eating Dachshund Will Melt Your Heart!

This Yogurt-Eating Dachshund Will Melt Your Heart!

Dachshunds are really, really cute by nature, and when they do stuff like eating a yogurt in their own adorable way, they’re just too cute to handle!

Crusoe the celebrity dachshund got a yogurt cup as a special treat and he’s eating it the only way a dachshund knows how – by sticking his entire nose into the cup! This is officially the modern use for those dachshund noses!

I would never have thought that dachshunds would like to eat yogurt so much, and that they would be so adorable while doing it but Crusoe is absolutely adorable!

Watch the video below to see the dachshund enjoying his yogurt!

Feature Image Source: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

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