You Just Have To See The Carrot Crunching Dachshunds!

You Just Have To See The Carrot Crunching Dachshunds!

Did you know carrots are a great low-calorie snack for dogs? Check with your vet for more info, but they are generally recommended and most dogs love them! Just take these dachshunds, Sammy and Ralph, for example!

They are eating raw carrots and loving it judging by all the crunching going on. This serves as their snack for the day and it’s filled with heaps of nutrients for their body.

Feeding carrots to dogs is a great idea. It helps out with their health by providing the vitamin A that they need. As in humans, vitamin A is also used to help prevent night blindness. The carrots also help improve the coat of your dog.

Their human posted, “Considered by many to be the best carrot-eating -dachshund video ever filmed. Sammy and Ralph enjoying a mid-day snack. Carrots! Please consider a rescue dog. They’ll thank you for life!

They are so good at sharing with each other!

Watch the video below to see the carrot eating dachshunds!

Feature Image Source: TheSandygal

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