You Won't Believe What This German Shepherd Is About To Play!

You Won't Believe What This German Shepherd Is About To Play!

Everyone meet Bear, an adorable and superbly talented German shepherd pup who’s about to blow your mind with his talent! When you see what he’s playing, you’d want to join in too! Can you guess?

Bear the German shepherd loves to play volleyball with his daddy! There I said it! I cannot believe how accurately this fur ball plays volleyball. His daddy misses a shot or two, but this fur ball hasn’t missed one so you can imagine just how much he loves the game 🙂 So if you’re planning to train your fur balls, how should it begin?

According to DogsByNina, “Because so many behavioral issues arise out of sheer boredom, it is critical that you provided a variety of activities — and plenty of human interaction — to keep your GSD mentally engaged. A bored German shepherd will be so busy trying to play, bark, annoy, and get your attention that training sessions will be nothing short of infuriating for both of you. Bored puppies don’t train well. Long walks, playing in the park and wrestling with a chew toy, are all great ways to engage your puppy in active play. If you have a dog park in your town, your pet will undoubtedly love getting to run free and interact with the other dogs.”

Alright so get your training done correct and even your fur ball would be able to play volleyball like this fur ball on page 2 below!

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Wayne Bear ball

Feature Image Source: Flickr

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