If You're A Dog Lover, Here's What You Should Buy Yourself This Christmas!

If You're A Dog Lover, Here's What You Should Buy Yourself This Christmas!

Treat yourself this Christmas with some awesome goodies! After all, it’s the festive season, and you deserve a break.

How about some pup-themed items to add some love and cuteness to your life? Here are some great ones to consider!

1. A scarf

It’s pretty cold around this time of year, so it’s a good idea to pick up a nice, warm scarf. Why not also express your love for your pup at the same time? There’s a variety of scarves with different pups printed onto them that you can choose from, and they all look great! Check them out here.

2. A Paws of Love Sterling Silver Bracelet

This beautiful piece of jewelry is a great way to complete an outfit. It consists of alternating paw print and bone charms linked together, fastened onto your hand with a lobster clasp. Stylish, and adorable! Check it out here.

3. A Dog Hugger Tee

We all know that there are little things better in life than cuddles from a fur ball. Why not tell everyone about your certified pup hugging status with this T-shirt? The unisex tee comes in black, navy, and maroon, but you can also get the tee in black in a ladies’ slim fit with either a normal neckline or a deep V-neck.

4. An umbrella

Let your fur ball literally save you from a rainy day with a colorful umbrella that has simple pup silhouettes printed along its edges. These umbrellas come in a wide array of colors and have many different breeds as patterns. Take a look at the selection here!

5. A Ladies’ Dog Escort Tank

This tank top is awesome for workouts, and it speaks the truth; you know you’re a dog mom when you can’t go to the bathroom without an escort! You can see the tank here. In case you’re not much of a workout person and figure a tank is inappropriate wear during these cold months, you can also get it in a unisex tee or a ladies’ fit tee. Each variation has three cool colors to choose from!

6. An Angel Wing Paw Print Necklace

Made from sterling silver and CZ stones, this pendant features a gold-plated paw print that hangs within a heart flanked by angel wings. A little halo sits atop the ensemble. It’s a fitting way of showing that your pup is your angel and is always in your heart, and it’s also a great commemorative piece. Buy it here.

7. A Body By Dog Hoodie

Let’s face it; a good portion of the exercise a pup parent gets comes from taking their pup out for a walk or to play! As such, it’s only right that we give credit where credit is due with this comfortable hoodie. It comes in black, navy, grey, and maroon, and you can see it here! Not much for hoodies? It’s also available in a unisex tee and a ladies’ tee!

8. A “Don’t Shop Adopt” Canvas Tote

Send a good message to the world while conveniently carrying your necessities around with this tote bag. It’s big, roomy, and its minimalistic design is eye-catching. You can take a look at it here.

Each purchase made of any one of these items will help feed a shelter pup for a certain number of days. It’s all for a good cause, and you’ll get some cool new merchandise to spoil yourself with. Like and share away!

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