When Mom's Not Home, This Adorable Dog Cuddles Up With Her Clothes!

Have you ever left for work, or to run errands, and found yourself wondering if your dog is going to be ok? What do our dogs get up to when we are not around?

Many of us fear that they will experience separation anxiety and feel sad or disappointed. Perhaps they stop eating when we are gone, or maybe it is the complete opposite, and they play around mischievously. The truth is, unless we have a nanny cam installed into our houses, we will never really know. One mommy, Raven Atchison, knew her canine companion was sad when she left. In determination to find out how she handles it, Raven set up a few cameras to get a glimpse into the life of her dear German Shepherd, Kalina.

When checking the cameras to see if there were any environmental stressors for Kalina, Raven noticed some heart-warming behavior. The video footage showed Kalina gently picking up a piece of Raven’s clothing and placing it on the floor. Once the clothing was in the chosen spot, Kalina would curl herself up against it and “feel” the comfort and love of being with Raven.

With her heart at melting point, Raven knew that Kalina felt safe this way and she did not disrupt the behavior. However, it certainly did answer a lot of questions Raven had, as to how her clothing ended up in peculiar places!

The actions of Kalina are so cute that we cannot help ourselves but to simply adore our canine companions even more!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Source: Raven Atchison

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